The Final Week Of 2011 Will Influence The First Week Of 2012

Wild animals don’t need much internal motivation to thrive. Each day’s meal, and the watchful eye for predators, leads to another day of the same. The payoff? Mating season and the chance to reproduce – the common purpose of every living thing. But humans are a different animal. We think tomorrow is guaranteed. We get […]

jeff noel Thinks It’s Funny, Really, How People Walk Right Past Everything They Need To Be Happy

The truth is so scary for aging midlife Baby Boomers. The truth? All we need to be happy are life’s basic essentials. A sound mind, body, spirit, career, home. How many books do we need to read? How many seminars, sermons, lessons? What we really need are daily “real life, in real time” examples to […]

There’s A Decent Argument For Which Is More Important, Christmas Or Easter

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel asks, “Which holiday is more important and why, Christmas or Easter?” By midlife, aging Baby Boomers ought to have firm convictions. The Blog Whisperer is betting most folks will have to think about it first. Noel’s point exactly. We shouldn’t have to think about it. That should have been done […]