A Baby Boomer Has To Wonder Where They Missed The Turn

Baby Boomers, if you think about this, somewhere along life’s highway, we missed an important turn. It should have been clearly marked, “Happiness / The Meaning of Life”, Next Exit. How is that possible? Next Blog

The 3 Steps To Manage A Midlife Crisis Are Simple, But Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

When we come face to face with whatever it is that wakes us up in midlife, jeff noel’s 3 steps couldn’t be simpler. So brace yourself, because simple doesn’t mean easy, and fully understanding the anticipated difficulty to change, becomes the midlife Baby Boomer’s defining moment of truth. Do we admit, accept and embrace the […]

Do You Want jeff noel To Draw You A Map?

Some people need a map. jeff noel snapped this photo while reading Seth Godin’s best-selling book, Linchpin. In this example, jeff noel suggests you use “Didn’t” (the very center) as your “moment of opportunity” when your midlife wakeup call arrives. Next Blog