Awesome Friday

It was an awesome Friday.  Don’t have time right now to tell the whole story, but for me to say it was awesome is pretty significant in my mind. But then again, I’m thought of by many as “crazy”, the way many thought Walt Disney was “crazy”, or Barack Obama is crazy. One of the […]

Is Disney Enthusiasm Transferable to Everything?

Is Disney Enthusiasm transferable to everything? Check out this post at jungle to see my answer. Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Orlando’s jeff noel on SEO

Orlando’s jeff noel on SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is pretty much the same thing, so don’t over look reading about Search Engine Marketing. Here are a couple easy things I did to learn about, and then execute on, search engine optimization, or SEO. Google SEO Google Search Engine Marketing (don’t […]

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Blogs, SEO……

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Blogs, SEO…… What does it all mean? Not sure exactly. I have pretty decent intuition.  I can see farther out than many can. What does all of that mean? Again, not sure really. But I do know one thing for sure. I believe that it’s possible for one individual to […]