The patience to persevere requires organization

Hidden Mickey in Disney Resort carpet
Kidani Village Vacation Club hallway two nights ago. Hidden Mickey lower right.


Friday night lights?

Nope. Got rained out.

Friday night hidden Mickey’s?

Yes (photo above).

Reuniting with people from your past can sometimes warm your soul with a sweet tasting, unexpected solace because all your hard work, determination, organization, hardships, doubts, fears, and hopes have paid off.

How do you come to this realization?

When the people who thought you were a fool, now seek your advice.

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They all got soaked anyway

Walking in the rain


(photo: The reunion group got soaked to the bone on the walk to the cars)

The irony of the hike to the waterfalls and the 20-year old not hesitating to go in the water is that it started raining 20 minutes later and the entire group was soaked to the bone.

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The irony of the condescending person’s life

check the book title… eight million ways to… be compassionate with others?


The irony of the condescending person’s life is that they are not nearly as confident and put together as they lead others to believe.

I guess we’re all a bit like that too, eh?

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