Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Life is like ordering a new iPhone…

Restaurant sign


(photo: Life is like ordering a box of chocolates new iPhone…you never always know what you’re going to get. This will be the seventh generation iPhone)

Organized enough to go to to preorder iPhone 6 from our Houston hotel room, not knowing there’d be a second additional fee.

Disciplined (and mildly disappointed) enough to wait three more days to save $200.

And as a complete Apple advocate, it was difficult to not preorder on the first day possible.

Will already pay a $250 premium for breaking a two-year contract.

Ordering last night would have been less than a year (by three days) since purchasing the 5s.

Life is fun.

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Book publishing

The most expensive thing is now free

ATT ad offering iPhone 4s for free
Only three years ago this was the most expensive phone in the world


The rapid pace of positive change has our attention spans reeling.

Lack of focus and discipline is the leading cause of imbalance.

We know this.

But do we attack it?


Distractions are the enemy.

We know this too.

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Blog Stuff

iPhone WordPress App

Now, Anywhere, Anytime
Now, Anywhere, Anytime

Who doesn’t like to learn and do new stuff?

It looks as though I’m about to post the first iPhone WordPress blog post here at jungle jeff.

And did I mention I’m on a plane?

Olympics Bound

Life Is Good @ 1 Push Up A Day

Life Is Good if you can do one push up per day.  Do that for a week.  Then, the next week, do two push ups per day.

Continue to add one push up per day, for every week since you started.

Oh wait, I can already read your mind, “This is stupid”.

If I fail at anything, it’s almost always because I don’t stick with it.

Over a decade ago, I vowed to accept the challenge contained in this post.  I thought, “How hard could it be.  Seriously”?

Sticking with it has created a life-changing path for me.  If you have any motivation in you, may I challenge you to read this – Hello World

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  I did this for two years – 104 pushups in one day.  Now I do 40, two or three times per week.

Olympics Bound

Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker.

That’s what I do.  I talk and people listen.

How scary is that?

Pretty scary.   Everyone staring at you, expecting you to be smart and funny.

Because I’m hard-wired for excellence, I’m always looking for ways to become smarter and funnier.

You know, to become a better Professional Speaker.

I’ve taken to writing.  Seriously.


Overachiever?  Maybe.

Living with regret?  Doubtful.

If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

Audacious.  Yep!  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂