The most extraordinary time to feel like a millionaire?

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Would be great if there was actually a map showing us the best route to take in life.


We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

What if we could be organized well enough to eliminate this phrase from our belief system?

And believed instead that today, right now, is the most extraordinary time to feel like a millionaire.

And that there would be no doubt or hesitation whatsoever in feeling it be the truth.

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The Reason Younger Generations Can’t See A Boomer’s Potential Is Because They See What Boomers Can’t

Take a long, hard, close up look at your life from all angles (mind, body, spirit, money, hq)

Boomers, go look in the mirror at your naked body. Then find a quiet place, outside preferably, to see your naked soul. And is your attitude riddled with blind spots you should fix, or do you ooze positivity, faith? Are you doing work you love? Is your home and life decently organized or messy?

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