Facebook Privacy

What The?
What The?



Social norms.

Founder, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook claims Privacy is no longer a social norm.

He’s right, but people older than 30 have their heads in the sand.  If you are an entrepreneur, I’d read this article, reflect on it and figure out a way to stay current.

This issue opportunity is changing the Internet, which changes everything else.

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December 21 2009

An Olympian at age 50?
An Olympian at age 50?

December 21, 2009.  Can you believe it? Ten days until 2010 begins. A few questions we may consider asking ourselves.

Where did the time go?

Am I happy with what happened this past year?

Did I do what I said i was going to?

Did I do something every day that scared me?

Did I pray every day for my Family, Friends, and especially to all those people less fortunate?

Did I act in accordance with my loftiest thoughts?

Did I help make the world a little better place to live?

Did I strive for balance in life’s big four – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money?

Do I have a plan for 2010?

Internet Turns 40

Internet Turns  40.

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You Tube versus Hulu?

You Tube just announced it’s bid to remain the Internet’s leading video source.

But they better move quickly, because being number one doesn’t mean you get to stay number one.

Click here to read the article.

Seems that Hulu has made full-length video streaming free and expansive.

Where the heck was You Tube while Hulu was figuring this out?

I see things like this in the news and, because the funny way my brain works, immediately wonder , “So what does this me to me”?

The answer?


Getting to the top spot in business, in life, in school, in athletics, etc, is one thing.  Staying there is a completely different effort.

When you’re the underdog, your competition dismisses you.  When you’re the champion, everybody want s to knock you off your throne.

Ya with me?  Hope so.  Make today a GREAT day to get there or stay there, because if you don’t, somebody else will.  

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂