Free ignorance?

online banking
Visit the bank or apply online without talking to a soul?


Sanibel sunset
Last night, 5:30pm.


Sanibel sunset
The sunset’s encore.


With free information comes great responsibility.

To remain ignorant now, in our current decade, becomes a choice and not a mandatory circumstance.

There is nothing you can’t ask and get a decent answer with a couple clicks and then read, view, or listen to what will move you from ignorant to knowledgeable.


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When Your Life Changes

Life is a double-edged sword

Parenting challenges and technology


(photo: Last night unpacking a UPS delivery box filled with tools for organizing life. This morning struggling to balance technology along with the unknown, invisible world of easy access, convenience, and knowledge. Teens have access to everything the world has to offer in the digital Universe.)

Praying that all teens will find the right balance between sexual desire and understanding that there are consequences to letting unbridled passion run wild.

Praying parents and caregivers use patience, wisdom, kindness, and courage to help work through this season in life.

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Midway Through 100 Days

The Internet’s most prolific bloggers

Airport parking garage sign
Airport parking garage sign.




Maybe 100 million.

Who are the most prolific Internet bloggers?

One thing they have in common is they’ve all written over 10,000 posts.

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He's Just Nutty


The World Isn't Going To Wait For You
The World Isn't Going To Wait For You

Why do we allow our childhood dreams to wither and die?

Is it because too many people tell us we can’t, we shouldn’t, it’s not worth it, you’ll fail, it’s too much work?

Ignoring the Internet would be like ignoring indoor plumbing. A long time ago, there wasn’t indoor plumbing. Guess where you went to the bathroom?

What if someone still didn’t embrace indoor plumbing?

The Internet is strangely similar to indoor plumbing.  It’s a tool that makes our lives infinitely easier.

And for the few who work the hardest, it gives them a voice.

And a better opportunity to live out their childhood dreams.

Completely Different?

Something Completely Different

You're A Hoser, Eh
You're A Hoser, Eh

Attention Deficit, easily distracted, over-achiever, multi-tasker, you name it, this will satisfy your curiosity for new and cool things on the Internet – popular links to great Internet domains.

We may never see you again, but remember this, where else can you find a person that writes five daily blogs, even while traveling Internationally?