Once every decade or so

Winter garden Florida water tower
Winter Garden, Florida water tower.


Winter garden Florida water
Winter Garden Florida water tower. Taken yesterday while waiting for a volunteer opportunity to finish inside the Winter Garden Theatre.


patio furniture before
A few hours later around 7:00pm, patio furniture is scheduled for delivery. Photo is the “before”.


patio furniture before
Another “before” patio furniture photo.


patio furniture after
Patio furniture “after”.


patio furniture after
“After”, somewhere near 9:00pm.


Once every decade or so you can refresh your dwelling space.

Last night was that moment.

The intentionality that Cheryl put into all the decisions to make this a reality is a chip off the old block – she (we) apply to our personal life everything we’ve learned from a lifetime at Disney.


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Success has a recipe with one main ingredient

Disney Cast Activities
i worked part time at Cast Activities the Winter of 1982 and full-time the Summer of 1982. Disney’s Cast Activities is strictly for Cast, their family, and their friends. No Guests. Pretty cool if you ask me. Very intentional on Disney’s part.


World-class results are driven by people and organizations that over-focus on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.

If you don’t understand this, try again. Say it out loud until it makes sense.

It makes perfect sense.

If it doesn’t for you, you will never achieve results you dream of.


Because success has a recipe.

The biggest and most overwhelming ingredient in wheat bread is wheat.

The biggest and most overwhelming ingredient in organizational vibrancy is intentionality.

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