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Should we motivate or inspire?

2010 Twitter profile for Disney Speaker jeff noel
The Tweet milestone of 1,234 tweets prompted the photo. A modest 657 followers.


What will it take to get and stay organized?


Should we motivate or inspire ourselves?

Motivation is done through fear, pressure, embarrassment, ego.

Inspiration is done through hope, purpose, contribution.

Which brings joy, motivation or inspiration?

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Inspirational leadership is ridiculously powerful

Disney Leadership Speakers


(photo: Inspirational Leadership is all it takes to get the party – vision – started.)

If you’re goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

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Jokers Are Wild

After momentary denial, the realization that it’s really decent

Walt Disney World Downtown Disney Trend store sign
What’s our trend? Change? Consistency? Growth? Purpose?


Ever surprise yourself by something you said but don’t remember?

Something that the other source shows you without a doubt that you said it?

And what you exclaimed to yourself, “I said that!?”

After momentary denial, the realization that it’s really decent.

Decent enough to inspire you, the author.

Ever happen?

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Are You?

Every great CEO knows this

Apple Store Genius Bar sign
Doesn’t take a genius to comprehend the power of common sense


Being inspired is an inside job.

Every great CEO knows this.

Our home’s organization impacts everything else in our life.

Removing ‘skeletons in our closet‘ is the path to peace and contentment.

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What’s been holding me back is what holds us all back

WordCamp Orlando game
Upper middle message = FREEDOM. You are the CEO of You, Inc (when you finally decide to be)


Awoke at 4:00am this morning with a directive, because last night I stumbled upon Kevin O’Leary’s website.

Completely random. Unintentional.


An admirer, and follower, of Shark Tank.

The directive is to make a command decision and try to get the new website design done in six days, by Thanksgiving Day 2013.

What’s been holding me back is what holds us all back.


At least I think so.

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