i can’t organize your home for you

Starter home
About 100 meters from Reedy Creek swamp. We had to buy Flood insurance.


Starter home
Yesterday, we drove by to have a look at our first home.



Starter home
Our first home (purchased new) 1985-1991. It was 30 miles from my job at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It cost us $39,900 plus $7,500 for the vacant lot, $47,400 total.


i can’t organize your home for you.

Someday, and i hope it doesn’t take you the 40 years it took me to figure it out, you’ll want to sell yourself on the fact that you are the CEO of You, Inc.

When you stop looking for others to change your circumstances and admit it’s your sole responsibility, your transformation will take place in a way you could have never believed possible.

Have fun with it.

Master it.

Enjoy it.


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CEO Of You, Inc

You are in charge of everything. Yes, everything.

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I’m the CEO of me, Inc.

You’re the CEO of You, Inc.

The degree to which we organize our lives is the degree to which we struggle or survive.

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The Only Way To Think About 2012 Is With No Limits

Re:Whatever your heart desires in 2012...

Ruin and recovering are both from within. – Epictetus

Whatever failures or mediocre successes we’ve had in the past don’t matter anymore. What matters is our belief in ourselves. This mountain is climbed one step at a time. Go. Let’s go.

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