The in-box of life doesn’t stop until we die

Apple alarm clock
Wasn’t trying to catch up on the sleep i lost the night before. It’s called exhaustion.


The in-box of life doesn’t stop until we die.

If we are unable – and mine is overflowing right now – to manage this, it has nowhere to go but “worse”.

My goal is to never let it get so bad that i give up.

So in times like now – when it’s piling up – i have to work overtime to get in back in control.

Such is the ebb and flow of life’s in-box.

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No inbox emails allowed to carry over?

Sanibel Island Sunset 2015
Last night’s first sunset. We were late to the party.


No inbox emails allow to carry over?

Crazy goal, and always reminded that if your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

This morning marks the completion of three consecutive and successful days.

Update October 13, 2015: It’s been over 10o consecutive days. No one is more stunned than me. It was only to last while we spent eight days at the beach.

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The Proverbial In Box

Maybe This Will Do The Trick
Maybe This Will Do The Trick

Since the office was invented, people have struggled to keep their “In-Box” from overflowing. The pressure to keep the mountain of work from growing bigger is unrelenting.

Good problem to have, isn’t it?

It means you have a job.

To all those unemployed or underemployed, good thoughts, good karma, and hopeful prayers are all heading your way.

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