World IBD Day

Maybe Some Day
Maybe Some Day

Today is World IBD day.

IBD is Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

IBD is Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Every one of us is touched in some way by health issues.

No one is immune.

But some are more immune than others.

IBD basically is the body’s immune system over-reacting.  The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in the digestive tract.

As much as I write for all of you readers, every once in awhile, I just like to take editorial license and write selfish things, like this.

In the hope that some day, IBD will have a cure.

No One Really Cares (Reality)

Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend

Recently had a conversation with a business person about how personal life issues are really of no concern to most employers.

We sort of reminisced about a time, before the recession, when it at least felt like it (even though back then it was the same truth).

Our 11-year old yellow Lab is very sick.  Again.

This may be the end.

And then to try and balance that with our son’s incurable disease, aging parents, other Family member’s health issues, and even our own health issues.

Knowing when to talk about things – while it doesn’t solve the world’s “problems”, it does provide moments of solace.

When To Talk About Crohn’s: Click here (only if interested) to read the article fro Everyday Health.