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In real life, i’m actually quite a joker

Magic Kingdom early morning entry
It’s fun to post blurry photos. Why? It doesn’t matter. It’s simply fun.


Happy 14th birthday to my brother-in-law, John.

Even though today (as i write this) is November 21, 2015, i’m “organized enough” to know this will post on February 29, 2016.

What is so much fun with writing five daily, differently-themed posts on five different websites, is that you can do or say anything you want, knowing that you write simply because it completes you, not because you have a captive audience that will walk away if you are boring.




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Dear Son

Dear Son, you know what’s funny?

Summer humor reading table at Barnes and Noble
Summer humor reading table at Barnes and Noble


birthday cake smoke from candles
13 smoking guns


Dear Son, you know what’s funny?

Today is the first day I’ve lived as the Father of a teenager.

What’s funny is how exciting it is.

Way more than prevailing wisdom advises.

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Dear Son

Ha, That Was Funny When I Wrote It

Is that silliness or panic?

Dear Son, very little humor comes through in the prolific blogging I’ve done – a most interesting and perplexing phenomenon.

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Small Town stuff

Trust Je…

Trust Jeff?
Trust Jeff?

Lots of skywriters here in Central Florida. Some are for hire, and some for a cause.

This one, I thought, was writing “Trust Jeff”.

Come to find out, it was “Trust Jesus”.

Some days you’re the windshield, and some days you’re the bug.

Happy Friday everyone. Who’s got big plans?

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Nearly A Year Now

Serious On Steroids

Mostly, I’m very intense.  Serious.  Focused.  Determined.

My Finnish Master’s Track & Field friend, Juha, posted this on Facebook yesterday and while watching it with our son (9) and his friend, well, I …..

Diversification is so important. In business. With investments. And sometimes, even with blog posts.