Organized for the last 9 hugs

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Because of my Disney association, i cross paths with many people and speak with many of them. Here’s a screen shot to capture a small moment in time last night. My message to Rafik is un-noteworthy. Rafik’s, on the other hand, is enlightening – he still remarks about “going the extra inch”.

Organized for the last 9 hugs.

We have five days next week, and four days your final High School week – the fifth day that second week there’s no school because of the evening graduation ceremony. So, nine hugs remaining.

Son, the few seconds it takes us to engage in an after school hug is perhaps the greatest of all the extra inches we could do.

Remember, we never let what we couldn’t do (something that required much more time and much greater effort to be memorable) stop us from what we can do.

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