Being organized means continuously improving in small ways

HP Instant Ink envelopes
HP Instant Ink is a more organized way to run my business. Returned two empty cartridges yesterday.


HP Instant Ink program is a smarter way to run my business. Being organized means continuously improving in small ways. For a nominal monthly fee HP remotely monitors your ink usage and automatically sends you replacement cartridges, as part of your fee.

And with the replacement cartridge is a postage paid return envelope for the empty cartridge. The extra gas, time, and guesswork all disappear.




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Thank you HP

HP Instant Ink return mailer photo
HP makes it easy to manage small business printing needs.


Staying organized isn’t just about our stuff. It’s also about our processes. And our decision making. And our decision making processes.

I always have a backup. One printer is not enough. We always have two.

Intentionally replaced the oldest one even though it was still working. Why? Because it didn’t offer mobile-capable wireless printing. Being organized is also about processes. Mobile device printing makes life more efficient.

The time to fix things is when we don’t need to.

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