Five Blogs In Un-Record Time

Jim (the owner and expert) in back, Jimmie middle, jungle jeff up front.
Former Navy bringing up the rear.

From our three-person canoe, the other Cub Scout Dad and I marveled at the earth’s tides as we gently paddled ahead of the boys. The ebb and flow of mother nature. Was there a secret message to humans? We talked also of cliches and sayings, wondering if there is a difference.

Nature ebbs and flows – “going with the flow” – is that the secret to life? Learning how to go with the flow? I wondered aloud if there’d be an iPhone with simply going with the flow. Seems there are times when we should be full-throttle pushing the limits. Right?

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How Do You Organize The Paperwork Of Your Life?

Looks like a mountain of paperwork, if you use your imagination.

Where we organize our paperwork at home is one thing, how we do it is entirely another matter. Just because I have a great view from my desk doesn’t mean the life’s in-box is  manageable. I keep files for:

  • Big ticket reference items that last a lifetime (mortgage, insurance, medical, bank, etc)
  • Current year files (bills only)
  • Home files (A-Z, everything that makes a house work, instructions, contracts, etc)
  • Work files (milestones, reviews, awards, etc)
  • Family memories (vacations, child, pet, etc)

Insight: The older we get, the more challenging it will be to manage the volume and the harder it is to let go of sentimental items. We must figure this out or get buried.

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The Past Few jeff noel Blog Posts Showcased What A Post Looks Like Without Using Keywords Purposefully

Details with purpose: Icons, used repetitiously, help shape a culture.

Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel purposefully used “I” in place of jeff noel. Using “I” looks less arrogant but completely fails in SEO keyword optimization.

Using Mid Life Celebration and jeff noel optimizes keyword utilization, but readers can tire from it. Seth Godin no longer needs to write his posts like noel is doing. Someday, noel won’t need to either. Bold? Uh huh. Why not? Go.

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