If Tomorrow Never Comes

What are your big plans for April? Remember, impossible or big doesn’t mean something no one else has ever done. It’s means impossible or big relative to what you have never done. Just so you know, I battle every single day with keeping up, prioritizing, postponing and even completely letting go. And with change, the […]

CEO @ Mid Life Celebration

As founder and ceo of Mid Life Celebration, just want you to know your visits here and to the other four Blog Whisperer daily blogs, is what some would call a blessing. jeff noel calls it an idea who’s time has come. Balancing Life’s Big Choices is my passion. So is encouraging you do the […]

What’s Stopping You?

Excuses? Attitude? Fear? Anger? Doubt? Good.  All these things mean you’re human.  There are a million ways to overcome these things.  The secret is to find your way. That’s one of the biggest barriers – people want to be handed the recipe for success.  The reality is, you have to find it on your own.

Rules For Being Human

I’ve had this article for ten years, given by a friend. The author is unknown. Here it is in it’s entirety: The question remains, despite all the work and inquiry of the researchers discussed in this column and countless others: How can we build committed, competent people and workforces? I received the following as a […]