Just Give Up, OK?

How often do you feel like giving up?  Like quitting? Like what you do doesn’t matter? That the effort is too much, the payoff too little? Received an email today. Compelled to share it.  And it wasn’t from a blog conversation, but a LinkedIn connection. We connected, like people do, and I sent a personal […]

World-Class Benchmarking

Benchmarking.  Seeing, not how others do things, but more importantly, seeing how others think. I am a serious bench-marker.   Way more than the average bear. There will come a time when my (five) blogs have more sophisticated features.  All good things take time.  Rome wasn’t built overnight.  I didn’t wake up one day and […]

jeff noel Talks About Lane 8.org

Happy Sunday everyone.   It was weird taking a week off from posting here at jeff noel.com But, you guessed it, I posted on three other blogs every single day – 21 jeff noel blog posts this week. Quantity is a good thing. Like I said before, if you want to be a great runner, […]