It’s the hard work that makes it Magic

Goofy baseball cap selling locations
The Emporium was out of the Goofy Baseball cap i wanted. It’s a great prop for a Disney business insight i’ll be sharing tomorrow in Miami. Photo: locations it might be in stock. None of the Magic Kingdom locations had it.

It’s the hard work that makes it Magic.

We tried first at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. No luck.

Then we tried Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Also shut out.

So we walked across to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Main Street Emporium, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland – no luck.

The solution?

Purchased two alternative Goofy hats.

It’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the hard work that makes it Magic.

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Perhaps it’s a sign on the final day walking out

Orlando Based Disney Speakers


(photo: Disney’s jungle jeff retires after 30 years and that’s him walking out of Celebration 215… he always took the stairs to the fourth floor.)

Plans have changed?

Brought the hat in ‘to hang it up after 30 years’.

Boss was out of the office unexpectedly.

So the plan changed.

Never intended to leave wearing it.

Perhaps it’s a (fantastic) sign.

Yes, final answer.

Sure feels good.

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