A literal non-negotiable

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(photo: The American Way?)

Is being decently organized a pipe dream?

Is it impossible?

Here’s what it feels like to overcome this thinking:

There is something about preparing for the day, which in theory could be our last, long before dawn and watching the darkness change to light.

A bit like daily eating and bathing. A literal non-negotiable.

And as they say, ‘Every damn day.’

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Are You?

Organization scales

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(photo: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park… Walt Disney was onto something here… be decently organized at home)

Organization scales. The degree to which we are decently organized at home impacts everything else in our life. Positively or not so positively.

We know this.

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Day To Day

When habits are changed, new life is born

Restoring iPhone 6 from iCloud


(photo: Apple is making it easier to be organized)

When habits are changed, new life is born.

Being organized is mostly about knowing what to let go of.

It’s a new year (or a new season).


Long term excuses are invalid.


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Completely Different?

Lead the day bathed in love

Teddy Bears


(photo: A child’s Teddy Bear collection on a road trip)

Lead the day bathed in love.

Anything else is a distraction and a gamble with the gift of a precious day.

The more days in a row that aren’t precious means the greater the likelihood that pattern will continue.

And be the only pattern.

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Day To Day

Information overload spares no one

Quote from copyblogger's Sonia Simone
Information overload spares no one.


What is a really optimal range of emails to have sitting in our in-box?

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