Dear Son

Do not feel guilty because of me

Top Disney management consultants
Yesterday i sat at the far end of this photo to write.


Disney Keynote speaker and author
Context to this location.


Do not feel guilty because of me.

Walt Disney was an overachiever.

Thirty-plus years on the inside and i’m cut from the same cloth.

No one has to overachieve or go after impossible goals.

Dear son, i will offer one cautionary piece of wisdom:

It’s ok to set the bar within reach, but you’ll eat yourself alive if you privately dream about doing it differently but never take the risk(s).

That said, it might be one of the most impossible goals i’ve ever made:

One year, seven Disney books.

Write seven Disney Business Books between the release of the iPhone 7 and the release of the iPhone 8.

And to up the level of creative difficulty, write them all at Walt Disney World and all on an iPhone.


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Growing Up

Is there ever a time when there is a valid excuse?

Lake Buena Vista, Florida and Walt Disney World entrance sign
Busy intersection, busy life – very little relief. Ever. Great environment for excuses.


Personal responsibility is not about blame or guilt, it’s about control and hope. And there is no valid excuse for not being responsible for everything.

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The great Summer of 2012

Please don’t feel guilty, unless it’s appropriate

learning methods
the methods, and their effectiveness, in helping us learn

In yesterday’s post, you saw three things I don’t do anymore. One, an addiction, another, a bad, prevalent habit, and a third is really bad for your gums. Please don’t feel guilty about what I call out, unless you feel it’s appropriate.

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