When it rains it pours

  Trying to balance multiple trips, multiple priorities, and multiple friends and family. The goal is to finish writing the seven Disney Business books. Glacier National Park. Summer 2018. Five trips. Forty-one days. Possibilities include… Immediate Family. Relatives. College buddies. Disney colleagues. As well as a desire to go solo.   •  •  •  • […]

The odds of me following through were close to zero

  The odds of me following through on that crazy 2008 post and starting a business and leaving Disney… In reality, close to zero. But here we are. Nearly a decade into it. 3,201 consecutive blogging days. 16,005 posts 3 years post-Disney – thriving personal business Living with peace and contentment i like it. •  •  •  •  • This […]

What’s more impossible than impossible?

      What’s more impossible than impossible? Writing 7 Disney business books in one year is literally impossible. But writing them all entirely at Walt Disney World is even more impossible, if that’s even possible – you know, to be more impossible than impossible. So what would make it MUCH more impossible than impossible? […]