Brother Bear

Brother Bear is a great movie. Thank you for watching it together last night. Having just returned from Glacier National Park, the notion that we are all connected is especially real for me. i hope you think the same way. Every living creature (sure there are exceptions) strives to lovingly protect and teach it’s young. […]

No mail for a month

No mail for a month. Every day an email arrives listing the incoming mail. Almost everything that’s important arrives via email or text, from over-focusing on changing every account notification delivery method to paperless. The only important paper mail arriving is out of my control. Son, experiment creatively with how to be entirely paperless and […]


Self-absorbed is necessary to know and understand yourself. Seems backwards. Son, this is your challenge – take all conventional wisdom and challenge it. Look at the people (the herd) who tout conventional wisdom and ask yourself, “Are they thriving because their habits and rituals model conventional wisdom?” Use this mantra: To know is to do. […]

Hakuna Matata meets over-focus

Son, all of this post’s photos demonstrate the following: Going the extra inch (Char’s fav Disney movie photos will surprise her) Time is our most precious asset and using it wisely requires focus (storyboard the big picture) Networking is key to getting things done (Lake McDonald Lodge front desk staff) Generosity is admirable (gifting front […]

The Universe is decently organized

If you see one type of plant (flowers, trees, shrubs, lichens, etc) you generally see many of the same plant.  Why? Because the universe knows that birds of a feather flock together.   Son, i’ve discovered that being organized begets being organized.  i’ve also learned that being disorganized begets more disorganization.   •  •  • […]