The dilemma of an unexpected rare attribute

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Remarkable often doesn’t seem so for years


The dilemma of an unexpected rare attribute is that it’s so rare it annoys others. It shines a light in dark places we’d rather leave in darkness. But could this attribute become a unique asset (if it isn’t already).

What would be our logical and important next steps on that amazing day when we wake up realizing something special is in front of us?

Hint, it would be much easier to distract, medicate, or entertain ourselves with stuff than to examine and take action.

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Note: What if you’ve been told you think too much and ask too many embarrassing questions? Could you finally accept that this is something rare and nothing to be ashamed of?


What I Forgot To Mention

Not A Care In The World
Not A Care In The World

Yesterday, I forgot to add one important point.

It’s not really the happy people that are so annoying, it’s actually the ones that are REALLY happy, all the time!

You know the ones. They seem to have their act together and they get all the breaks, and don’t have near the worry and stress that we have.

Am I right? Are ya with me?

He Ain’t No Einstein

Super Star? Super Nova?
Super Star? Super Nova?

No, but he has two gifts that he works to his advantage.

Know what they are?

We all have them delivered to us at birth.

Most likely, however, we throw the directions away too early and never recover.

They are profoundly simple and yet, simply profound.

And it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, maybe you can guess. Maybe not.