Imagine Turning A Switch In Your House And Nothing Happens (Electrician)

Colin Harden is our Electrician and has been for years. His Father is our neighbor, a retired Electrical Company Owner and United States Marine who served proudly in Vietnam.  407-259-1746 Colin will bend over backwards to help you.

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Heating Or Cooling: Which One Is A Must Have To Survive Where You Live? (HVAC)

Hard to imagine living up north without heat in the winter. Hard to imagine living down south without air conditioning in the summer.

We call Bill Dellars at Dellars Air Conditioning for routine and emergency A/C assistance. Top notch. Responsive, honest, reasonable: 407-433-7996

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photo: Iowa 2011

Whoa There, One More Thing, Please Don’t Think I Don’t Know That Life Is Crazy And All This Looks Good On Paper (Perseverance)

Whoa, hold on cowboy! You don’t think I get it? Life is insanely busy. Full of great blessings, but equally full of hardship, overwhelming commitments, yada, yada.

And this is exactly why July’s message, while tedious, is really the glue that holds the whole thing together.

(btw, the weight of the world often feels unbearable where I live)

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Remember, Most Of The Time The Insightful Message Is Not The One That’s Obvious (Initiative)

At the risk of looking wishy-washy, I’m just gonna come out and say it. If you want to have great people and services working for you, be a great customer.

The second message is if you’re a great customer and the business neglects your love, fix it or move on.

Hint: If they neglect your love, it might be because you’re not a very good customer.

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How Difficult Would Your Life Get Without Running Water? And How Long Would That Take? (Water, Well)

We put out cold drinks on that hot day they replaced our pressure tank.

Hard to imagine life without water. In fact, we can’t. Not even possible. Many of us dream of country living. Some even do it. And this requires a well.

We’ve use Dodge Well Drilling for 20 years. Jim Dodge: 352-636-5805 & Charlie Dodge: 407-299-8090 are well experts and very responsive.

(I know 99.9% of you don’t need a well driller. But you know the real, invisible, point to this post, right?)

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