But I’m not an organized person

personal business center
You have a business center for your life, right? (blurry photos are ok sometimes)

Like exercise, organizing (our) the paperwork of life can be a demotivating and seemingly impossible task to keep up with, let alone find enjoyment in.

People say, “But I’m not an organized person”. Exactly. Not as long as you coach yourself that way. Many times I have to force myself. Force. Get it? Work. Everything is hard work.

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Get Busy

Scary Monsters, Inc.

Man, getting busy is the last thing I need help with. Could use some help on not getting busy.

That storybook little pig that built his house with brick was actually better off than his two other little pig friends who’s house’s were destroyed by that huffy-puffy BB wolf.

There’s some sort of valuable, but twisted, paradox in the moral and reality. I’m struggling a bit with it myself.

Who could have ever predicted this?

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CEO @ Mid Life Celebration

As founder and ceo of Mid Life Celebration, just want you to know your visits here and to the other four Blog Whisperer daily blogs, is what some would call a blessing.

jeff noel calls it an idea who’s time has come.

Balancing Life’s Big Choices is my passion. So is encouraging you do the same.

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