Stop it!
Racing for answers…
You know why…
….but have forgotten you know why.
And herein lies your brilliant opportunity…

Forced To Slow Down
Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity.
Slowing down will be painful.
You are alone with your life, your thoughts, your habits, and your situation. 
Maybe for the first time in forever.
Your emotional friction is a result of imbalance.

You have everything you need, but you haven’t considered this, let alone convinced yourself of this.

#ifdisneyranyourlifepodcast is a 7-season guide lasting a year+. A weekly 15-minute regrouping.

Season 3 is the introduction to personal vibrancy and balance, and Season 3 concludes this Friday.

You know there are no shortcuts to the challenges you now face. 

Personal rebirth takes time. 

At 60, the honing of my habits and rituals, influenced by a lifetime at Disney, has made me a balance expert because i .think .differently about everything. 

Seasons 4-8 unpack 5 individual topics: mind, body, spirit, work, home. 

Listen sequentially, embrace the simple 72-hour challenges, lean into the discomfort of raising your bar, have fun with me and Jody and envision your future not only better than now, but much better. Enjoy the illustrative Disney stories too.

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