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Small plane buzzing Chimney Rock
Two days ago i was quick to see this opportunity. It was gone in seconds.


Stayed up past midnight to watch Bridges of Madison County with Cheryl.

Had it not been for the Fraternity reunion, i probably wouldn’t have.

The organization that 35 young men demonstrated to go from being a “Colony” to getting the official Sigma Phi Epsilon “Charter” is what makes this “Fraternity” reunion different. It’s not open to the entire Fraternity, only those 35 who laid the foundation.

This bond cannot be broken.

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Traveled light, by design

College reunion
Yesterday morning, down off the mountain, in Chimney Rock.


Chimney Rock river side house rental
Five bedrooms were needed at this Riverside House rental.


Chimney Rock hike


Chimney Rock hike
What were the odds of running into Nancy and Debbie?


Chimney Rock hike
Yesterday on our ascent.


Chimney Rock hike
From the Chimney Rock flag pole. Real life in real time.


Chimney Rock hike


Chimney Rock hike
It really does look like a devils head.


Chimney Rock hike
The devil.


Chimney Rock hike
Dave and Nancy epitomize Mid Life Celebration.


Chimney Rock hike
L-R, Dave Weir (JD, for Jack Daniels), me, Carl Benson (Bennie, not sure why, ha).


08.02.2015 - 148


08.02.2015 - 159


08.02.2015 - 160


08.02.2015 - 163


Packing up was easy. And without the books and food i traveled with going up, coming back was even lighter.

A light load makes the journey easier.

The journey is more focused too, because there’s less stuff.

We know this.

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Senior picture takes on a whole new meaning

Senior reunion picture


(photo: ‘Senior picture’ takes on a whole new meaning)

The photographer was the 28-year old Marine-pilot-son of the host and hostess.

No wait, it was the 20-year old college sophomore son of another couple.

The United States Marine is in back row, far left, brown shirt.

Life is short.

Cashing in on all the work to become decently organized.

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