Too much is coming at us to catch it all

Disney buys most of Fox
Disney buys most of 21st Century Fox yesterday.



Disney buys most of Fox
Disney has it’s eyes on the asset Hulu – to compete in streaming media space.



net neutrality repealed
Net neutrality repealed yesterday.


net neutrality repealed
Net neutrality repealed December 14, 2017.


Think about your day yesterday.

For many of us, it was a blur.

A few of yesterday’s moments we will still recall, probably.

Those emotionally driven experiences.

Otherwise, it’s like water at Niagra Falls – information never stops coming at us.

Most of it flows downstream, never to be seen again.

Neither good nor bad.

It just is.

Driving to Port Canaveral tomorrow for a Family Cruise.

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Adam Lambert American Idol

Good Wednesday morning.  After last night’s competition, I believe Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol.

Kris Allen came out exceptionally well in the first round.  Hence my post last night.

Many, myself included,  have thought all along that Adam Lambert would be crowned the next American Idol.

Rather than roll over and accept defeat, Kris Allen performed his best song of the entire season, if you ask me.

However, Adam’s consistency throughout the entire competition has been remarkable. 

Kris Allen’s growth, and confidence, has been equally remarkable – which is why he was on the show last night.

Good day everyone and drum roll please………..

Dude, We Have Us a Competition

My son and I just got home from Gold’s Gym, and it 8:20PM.  I picked him up after school and we went to the Gym.

He’s eight, so he’s not working out, he plays with other children in Gold’s Kiddie Gym.

Anyway, we walk in the door at 8:11PM and Adam Lambert has just started singing.   Awesome performance.

Kris Allen followed him, and as my wife, son and I watched him perform, I couldn’t help but be blown away.

Blown away because he sang to win.

All season long, it’s been Adam this and Adam that.  And I agreed with it all.

But tonight, I gotta tell you, the underdog has come out punching.

Rock on.  Dinner’s ready.  Later dude!