How forgiving?

Disney Institute Keynote speaker Jeff Noel
Oct 27, 2014…..4 days before retiring from 30 years at Disney.

How forgiving are you?

You can master forgiving others after you first master forgiving yourself.

There is no short-cut.

Self forgiveness should, and must, happen first.

This life-insight is self-evident, and irrefutable.

Remember how long it took me to answer you, “Will you forgive me?”

A nanosecond.

You asked. You received.

Then you were asked, “Can you forgive yourself?”

Our tension, our pain, our confusion…we must forgive ourselves for each being a full 50% of the problem (challenge).

Remember what i told you last night?

The house and everything in it means nothing without you in it.

Mom excluded, who’s my favorite person in the entire world?

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