Completely Different?

Took 5,000 business cards to Finland from Orlando

Boxes of business cards
Took 5,000 business cards to Finland from Orlando


Took 5,000 business cards to Finland from Orlando thinking they’d all be handed out.

Probably gave out less than 100.

We learn a lot from our failures.

Much, much more than we learn from our fear of trying.

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Completely Different?

Wow, that last jungle jeff post seemed hypocritical

Lahti, Finland's world famous ski jump ramps (Summer 2009)
Lahti, Finland’s world famous ski jump ramps (Summer 2009)


Wow, that last jungle jeff post seemed hypocritical. What happened to the promise of short and pithy?

Well, the promise’s fine print reads “mostly short and pithy”, not always short and pithy.

Anyone else marvel at the volume and consistency of the blogging taking place at Mid Life Celebration?

Note: Today’s jungle jeff post photo was from the top of the left ski jump.

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Nearly A Year Now

Serious On Steroids

Mostly, I’m very intense.  Serious.  Focused.  Determined.

My Finnish Master’s Track & Field friend, Juha, posted this on Facebook yesterday and while watching it with our son (9) and his friend, well, I …..

Diversification is so important. In business. With investments. And sometimes, even with blog posts.

End Of The First Year

It All Comes Down to This

With so much to say, where does a person start?  Well, if you’re a runner, it’s easy, you start at the starting line.  But if you’re not a runner and you’re several decades into your life and your job or career, then what?

Then maybe start here, in Lane 8:

There, I said it. Hope this doesn’t scare anyone off. It is what it is.

One Summer Month

Olympic Village Experience

While the 2009 World Master’s Athletics Track & Field World Championships are a far cry from the real Olympics, in terms of times and distances, it’s very much the same in many other respects.

Take last night.  I’m in Sokos Hotel, unable to sleep.  I’m seriously unable to even think about sleep.

One last trip downstairs to the front desk to ask for a 2AM wake-up call and review my bill.  Then five steps to the main Lahti street sidewalk.  Deep breaths.  Cool, crisp air.  Maybe 10PM-ish.

Head back through the open air lounge to the elevator…

“Want to trade”?, I hear an accent I don’t recognize.

Two Finnish athletes and their wives, engaged me in conversation. Come to find out Mauno, the Finnish Pentathlete, would like my Team USA top and is willing to trade his Suomi (Finland) top.

It’s a moment like this, sort of frozen in time like a childhood dream, that reminds me of what a privilege and honor it is to represent the United States and try humbly to live up to the Olympic reputation of great sportsmanship.

I went upstairs and finished packing.

And if there would have been more time, I would have slept like a baby.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂