Thank you iCloud

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Apple makes products for people who want to change their world.


Yesterday, January 2, 2016, started organizing the 2016 files by removing some of the 2015 files. Take a folder out, put a new, empty folder in.

Each year, less and less paper is being kept.

Still keeping the financial records, but they are stored digitally now.

Paper is becoming less and less relevant.

Thank you iCloud.




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Staying organized is a moving target

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Cheryl got to try on some Watches.


At the Apple Store “open training” session yesterday, i discovered something i didn’t understand. You cannot store things in iCloud storage that aren’t on your Mac. If you delete it off your Mac, it automatically deletes off of iCloud.

iCloud is not a virtual external hard drive for everything. It only backs up what you physically have on your computer.

Lesson learned. Grateful for the clarification, even though it defeats my hopes.

Dropbox is the likely solution.

Staying organized is a moving target.

Editor’s note (100 days later, today Nov. 19): i am not using Drop Box, nor any other storage platform.

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And Then There’s Digital

A ton of stuff to move, categorize and store.

I didn’t forget digital files in yesterday’s list. The post was getting too long. So, anyway, organize digital files with a combo of external hard drives, clouds, and the delete key. And like paper files, label and categorize digital files effectively.

Insight: Just because things are “invisible” doesn’t mean they don’t pile up.

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How Do You Organize The Paperwork Of Your Life?

Looks like a mountain of paperwork, if you use your imagination.

Where we organize our paperwork at home is one thing, how we do it is entirely another matter. Just because I have a great view from my desk doesn’t mean the life’s in-box is  manageable. I keep files for:

  • Big ticket reference items that last a lifetime (mortgage, insurance, medical, bank, etc)
  • Current year files (bills only)
  • Home files (A-Z, everything that makes a house work, instructions, contracts, etc)
  • Work files (milestones, reviews, awards, etc)
  • Family memories (vacations, child, pet, etc)

Insight: The older we get, the more challenging it will be to manage the volume and the harder it is to let go of sentimental items. We must figure this out or get buried.

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