What would be a reasonable daily fee?

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(photo: Four days ago this sign presented itself and planted itself as an unwavering conviction)

What would be a reasonable daily fee?

The paperwork of life requires that we are decently organized with everything.

This includes our pricing structure if we are self employed.

On the first working day of retirement (yesterday, Nov 3, 2014) the daily delivery fee was estimated in the discussion.

You get what you pay for.

You want the best money can buy, you pay for it.

This is something that makes total sense.

The long way is the short cut.

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Midlife Celebration And The Art Of Motivational Speaking Gig Fees

Heck no, I don’t mind a bit; mowing, trimming & raking for free, I’d be honored.


Have to share this funny bit from Kelly Swanson, a LinkedIn connection and kindred motivational speaker:

“Don’t you love it (insert sarcasm here) when you get “invited” to speak for free and told what an honor it is that they chose you. I’m going to try that approach with my plumber Frank.

Dear Frank, This letter is to congratulate you and inform you that you have been unanimously selected to come over and fix my leak. We really respect your work and are pleased to offer you this opportunity to be our guest. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the exposure. Please let me know what date you are available at your earliest convenience so we can get you on our calendar.”

Thank you Kelly for reminding midlife entrepreneurs to stay focused.

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