Jokers Are Wild

Organize yourself to create Magic all the time

people on an elevator
The elevator doors open and there was a bright light coming from…


Disney office building chair
Can one “Disney” chair produce such a light?


Although outsiders believe it’s the Magic that makes it work, i take solace in spending my days life as a “Disney Way” professional speaker, illuminating the truth to those who want it. Sometimes, like yesterday, the audience is Family.




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Dear Son

Being organized also applies to important conversations

Map My Run app highlighting the run through Disney World
Map My Run app highlighting the run through Disney World yesterday.


Being organized also applies to important leadership conversations with teen children.

We must set aside time to think strategically on timing, content, and next steps.

A message so powerful and paradoxical that says:

“Punishment is never the goal when you exercise poor judgement. The goal is to maximize the opportunity to learn from what happened so it never happens again.”

Being decently organized and focused makes this one of life’s greatest investments.

No being decently organized means less effective investing.

You know this.

We also know that teens don’t exercise poor judgement, they exercise under-developed judgement. It’s our job to train and develop them.

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Completely Different?

Concern is a tricky beast

Three five year old boys having fun poolside
Charlie, EJ, and Chapin (at EJ’s birthday party at his pool, 2005)


Many unexpected things happen to heighten an already heightened sense of concern.

Concern though, is a tricky beast.

Constantly reminding us we have two choices:

  • survive
  • thrive

Life’s fine print reveals this struggle opportunity reality lasts a lifetime.

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PS. The boys have been together for 11 years, and so have their parents.


Carving Out A Life

Which Family milestones do you regret missing the most?

jeff noel with Son 2008
Mick Jagger sang, “You can’t always get what you want”…


Which Family milestones do you regret missing the most?

Only six miles away from our Son’s Elementary School graduation.

It’s one of those significant, once-in-a-lifetime milestones.

Cheryl will be there.

Will save the extra effort some a bigger milestone, no?

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Mid Life Celebration

The Truth Hurts And The Truth Can Set Us Free

Jack the bear goes everywhere jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, goes.

The truth is, I don’t publicly thank my wife Cheryl often enough for picking up many, many loose ends at home. Cheryl does this humbly and with a servant’s heart because she knows I must write and writing takes time. If you want to be good at anything, you must devote yourself to it. Our Family is a team and we rely on each other to make positive things happen. Thank you Cheryl.

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