It Happened While I Was Gone

Time Marches On
Time Marches On

This morning marks the first day of Fall in Central Florida. Of course, it doesn’t match the calendar date of the official start. But in Central Florida, in a sub-tropical climate, seasonal changes are much more subtle – nearly invisible.

And we are so busy rushing from day to day that we barely notice the passing of time.

Today is the first day since April that the temperature dipped below 70 degrees. And even though I write this from North Carolina, I paused long enough to notice.

Crazy, isn’t it? Next Blog

Chicago Library Is Threatened

Chicago Library Lower Right
Chicago Library Lower Right

Earlier this morning, we talked about how Libraries and book stores are going to go away. Can’t predict when, but it will happen.

Unless Libraries and bookstores reinvent the book paradigm.

They will either become victims or victors to creative thinking and shifting consumer demands and trends.

While today’s first (this is the second) post is only a few hours old, this jeff noel One-Take-You Tube video dates back to August 20, 2009, nearly five months ago.

I was simply walking down a busy Chicago street, on the way to the Willis Tower (Western Hemisphere’s tallest building), and stopped, looked across the street at the Chicago Library, had an epiphany, pulled the camera out on my pocket, took a deep breath and here’s what happened:


Finally.  I’ve gotten to the fifth of five blogs this morning.  Having some challenges revving up the writing engine.

This rarely happens.  I knew it would come.  Just didn’t know when.  It took longer than expected.  Good thing, I suppose.

Big questions though:

  • “How long will it last”?
  • “When will it return”?

No worries however.  Just gonna plow through it and try not to worry about it.  It’s a natural part of the “writer’s cycle” – sort of like the seasons on Earth.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Each season has a purpose.  Each one ends and another begins.  It’s natural. It’s okay. Carpe diem everyone.