Some facts about this 12,000-post blogging journey

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Some facts about this 12,000-day blogging journey:

  • As a college junior in 1979, i promised to write a book of life’s wisdom “to my children”.
  • Thirty years later i still hadn’t written the first sentence.
  • While personally unaffected, a Disney layoff in 2008-09 was a wake up call.
  • i began blogging because i thought it would be good practice in preparation to write a book.
  • i was pathetic at writing consistently.
  • Over the course of half a year, i made several “No, this time i really mean it” promises to “write everyday”, and failed each time.
  • After deciding to commit to the book, i had to ask, “What will it be about?”
  • Immediately, the skeleton appeared in my head: we think, we move, we feel, we work, and we dwell – mind, body, spirit, money, hq.
  • This was the birth of the five (websites) blogs idea.
  • i also thought having multiple websites, linked to each other, would increase SEO (search engine optimization).
  • i’m embarrassed by much of the early(2009-2011) stuff, but leave it for posterity.
  • After (astonishingly) reaching the 100-day writing goal, i never intended to continue.
  • On the 101st day (July 10, 2009), i decided to keep writing.
  • i was surprised at how much i wanted to keep writing each day – as if the day would be amiss if i didn’t write.
  • In early Fall 2009 i realized that a 200 consecutive day milestone was within reach.
  • And as time passed, a one-year milestone without missing a single day loomed, and it seemed like it would be the crowning writing achievement.
  • At some point, i began using photos and now i always do.
  • One business trip was going to be particularly grueling so i wrote the next day’s posts in advance, anticipating i might miss a day of writing.
  • i actually was able to write on that day i thought i might not be able to.
  • That was the beginning of “writing ahead”.
  • Over the course of three years, i went from a one-day surplus to two days, then five, seven, and ten.
  • The surplus gradually increased to one month (150 extra posts), then 60 days…then 90, and finally to the current status, 100 days (500 extra posts).
  • Some weekends i’d write for hours on end netting anywhere from 10 – 15 posts.
  • Some weekends i’d binge write 10-12 hours a day. i couldn’t stop, and this would create 20-25 extra posts (or, four or five day’s surplus).
  • i remember reaching the 3,000 post milestone on Halloween one year. Pretty scary how things add up over time.
  • Part of what motivated me was seeing a daily GoDaddy analytic report that led me to believe i was getting ridiculously increasing visits in the tens-of-thousands. It was an accurate number but it wasn’t measuring people, it was measuring bots and people. It was mostly bots.
  • One of my Disney Institute leaders one day told me, “I’ve been reading your blogs, i like that they are ‘short and pithy’.”
  • That one, seemingly-insignificant statement became my battle-cry.
  • Short and pithy.
  • Sometime during the first year of blogging, i proclaimed myself “The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger”.
  • Sometime in the second year, a Disney Institute colleague said, “The Internet’s only five a day blogger means nothing to me. It doesn’t tell me anything.”
  • i agreed with Ben. He was absolutely right.
  • Writing five daily, differently-themed posts keeps me focused and disciplined. And grateful.
  • When will i stop daily blogging? No idea.
  • Every so often, uh hum, a post becomes a long riff.
  • By the time this goes live (100 days from October 25, 2015), the blog post count will be 12,500 (with a surplus of another 500 waiting for their turn).




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