One Summer Month



Running against time.

If someone asked you, “When is your funeral”? , what would you say?

The simplest way to answer, “Why are you so obsessed with life”?, is this:

One Summer Month

He Did It Himself

Our son did it by himself.  I mean, I asked him to, but he did it by himself.

“I’d like you to post about your first day of school”.

Told him to bring his laptop downstairs.  Next thing I know, he’s almost done.

He just had a few questions about adding a hyperlink.

It was as if he had thrown three touchdown passes as the starting nine-year old quarterback.

Carpe diem, jeff  noel 🙂

One Summer Month

How Many & Why?

How many blog posts have you done and why do you do five each day?

First answer is easy – 861.  This post will make it 862.

Second answer.  Also easy, but perhaps challenging to understand.

Because I:

  • Am committed to excellence
  • Want to make a positive difference
  • Think it’s “impossible”
  • Am learning so much
  • Am helping more by doing this, than by not doing this

That’s a short, top of mind list.

It keeps me going.  Anyone want to share what keeps you going?

Probably not, right?  Too busy. Too distracted.  Too scared.

Yeah, same with me.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

One Summer Month

jeff noel Warehouse

jeff noel Warehouse.  Warehouse?

Yes.  Warehouse.

I’s a warehouse, a billboard, a corner lot, a red convertible sports car, a beach house, a Mazaratti,.  It’s all that.

It’s a place to play host to other things that might help others.

Google jeff noel and see where you land.

How the heck can you get Google front page in six months?

Common sense, meet common practice.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

PS.  If this post confused you, perfect.  Not meant to confuse in a negative way, but rather a challenge to discover what the hidden message is.