To teach Disney is to learn it twice

Orlando Based Disney Leadership speakers


(photo: T-shirt’s message is about conquering Walt Disney World… In a way, yes.)

To push humility aside, as the Marketing Director for Mid Life Celebration, LLC, it is helpful to note that becoming a Disney expert happens under two criteria:

  1. You read and study the Disney way for years upon years.
  2. You work, live, breath, sleep Disney for 30+ years, including teaching the Disney Way to CEO’s and Companies around the globe.

There is no substitute for being on the inside, from Michael Eisner to Bob Iger, to being a Magic Kingdom Custodial Manager, or a Jungle Cruise Skipper.

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Are You?

In The End, Complex Is Only Complex If You Aren’t Immersed Deeply & Thoroughly In Life

This All Makes Sense To Someone

From mechanical systems to daily living, the more we study, engage, and experiment, the less complex complex things become.

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