Ain’t much in life guaranteed, is there?  Death and taxes, to be sure. Death. That’s the one. What a beautiful gift death should be. Just like what a beautiful gift birth should be. And the beautiful gift of the part called “life” – in between the two. And here’s one more thing that’s guaranteed – […]

Five Times A Day – Part One

Most posts I write are relatively brief; however, this one may take a while. And bailing at this point is up to you. But may I just say one thing before you go, and it’s something I’ve always known.  In fact, I honestly believe every one knows this. The difference between those who are excellent, […]

MacBook, Excellence and Change?

MacBook, Excellence and Change? In an ongoing effort to be excellent, I bought a MacBook on Saturday. Friends and colleagues have told me for years that Apple computers are way beyond a Microsoft Windows Internet experience.  I thought, “How different could it possibly be“? In a nutshell, here’s why I went Apple.  Intuition! After recent […]