The value received is intangible and multiplies rapidly

    i love traveling. i hate being gone. That’s why my out-of-Orlando Keynote Speeches are priced the way they are. The client-value multiplies rapidly and exponentially for an organization when they don’t have to travel to Walt Disney World. The value i receive is also tangible – the number of days i’m home for […]

The two things you need to be great

  The two things you need to be great are initiative and investment… You have to take initiative… and you have to invest time, money, and effort (in any combination)… otherwise, excellent progress will not be made… and dramatic leaps in personal or organizational vibrancy will never be realized. •  •  •  •  • This website is about […]

The chain’s assumption is positive from left to right

    This is so second nature to Disney Institute, yet it is so astonishing to literally every single organization i encountered from 1999-2014.   The Chain of Business Excellence is a chain reaction moving left to right.   Leaders –> Employees –> Customers –> Reputation –> Improvement   Leaders drive your internal service culture which drives […]