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His number one piece of entrepreneurial advice…

Look closely at the first image before looking at the second…

the Capitol Theater owner is an artist, first and foremost
the painted image is approx 2' x 3'

While in college, the Capitol Theater owner, a lifelong entrepreneur (it runs in his Family), lived out of a van and had $40k in credit card debt. He paints. He’s an accomplished artist. And he ran the show for two days exceeding my expectations at every corner.

I asked him for his number one piece of entrepreneurial advice, and without hesitation he said, “Do what you say you’re gonna do!”

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Carving Out A Life

Entrepreneurial spirit is a fellowship and kindred spirit

the owner is an entrepreneurial artist
entrepreneurial risk
only another entreprenuer can appreciate the owner's reality

Few can fathom the effort the owner has had to invest. Few care. And fewer still understand. From my experience, a text book education pales to the real thing. It’d be much easier to buy another book and keep on reading, and dreaming…

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Fanatical Make It Simple

Gold Medal Organized?

And Use Story Boarding For Your Best Selling Books
And Use Story Boards For Writing Your Best-Selling Books

If you want to start and sustain an entrepreneurial, Internet-based business, you have to do several things, or fail:

  1. Have a clear, concise & compelling vision
  2. Be creatively organized, with limited budget
  3. Do it differently or better than anyone else
  4. Keep moving (patiently) forward
  5. Do not accept failure as an option
  6. Build relationships

The list is longer, of course, but these are top-of-mind.

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