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Apple Watch Mickey Mouse face screen shot
Apple Watch screen shot. Date in upper right corner (May 30) was yesterday.


Still getting used to the Apple watch i received four days ago. Driving home from the track meet, Cheryl called and i answered from the Apple Watch.

It was a moment.

A random, seemingly insignificant moment.

Like the baby steps i began taking in 1999 after a health scare from a cholesterol report. The motivation to get healthy or risk heart (attack) complications.

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Best Of Lists

The best parts of proactive change are:

  • Change becomes a habit
  • Locates untapped creativity
  • Reduces fear
  • Ensures success
  • Won’t accept failure as an option
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Feeds positively on itself
  • Makes you an expert

There are those that don’t or won’t change. They line the halls with their critical gossip. They know neither the agony of defeat, nor the joy of success.

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