Carving Out A Life

Amplify your home

Walt Disney World Steam Train
Yesterday, as the WDW Steam Train backs into the Monorail Roundhouse.


Magic Kingdom Main Entrance
Yesterday, soaked in sweat, at the midway point.


Be the most organized person you know. Not obsessively organized, just really good and decently organized.

Organized with stuff, but also organized with your time – for your priorities, like exercise.

Amplify your home.

Turn it up.

We win every time we do this.

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Uncommon Sense

Not doing it is actually doing it

Orlando Based Professional Keynote Speakers


(photo: Sand and snow can look the same, yet are drastically different. When you can touch it, taste, it, smell it… everything changes.)

The biggest reason we struggle with getting and staying decently organized is that we cannot see ourselves living a different way.

Well, we can see it, but not clearly enough that we can touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it.

Not mapping out our future state is actually mapping out our future state.

Think about it.

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Make It Simple

What’s in a single word?

words on stone
A single word has the power to inspire


Words inspire us.

Hard work, not so much.

Each of the words above may require a lifetime of effort.

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It’s very motivating to take short cuts when no one will ever know

Disneyland's Coke Corner famous red and white light bulb
What if millions saw your stuff but never noticed – would you fuss over it still?


Why worry about how organized our stuff is if we have relatively few visitors who will ever know?

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Day To Day

Life is like a back pack

The Bellagio Las Vegas
The Bellagio has an amazing fountain show at night


The Bellagio fountain Las Vegas
Great view from 59th floor next door


Leg one complete in this three-city trip.

A 7:15am departure from Las Vegas to Minneapolis, layover for lunch (hopefully), and on to Philadelphia.

Estimating 12 hours door to door.

Have reorganized a brand new backpack five times in three days.

Each time it gets better.

Life is like that to.

Figuring out daily processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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