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Real (organizational) life in real time

Hand written thank you note
Two days ago. Dropped off the bag full of glasses with this note to our neighbor (who doubles as our eye doctor) before sunrise.


New generation of flood light
Low energy consumption, longer life bulbs are the new normal.


Pentair replace pool filter cartridge
Had the replacement pool filter cartridge on hand for the past six months.


Real (organizational) life in real time. The list of things we need to attend to is endless:

  1. Order new eyeglasses
  2. Replace burned out flood light
  3. Replace three-foot tall swimming pool filter cartridge

My Optometrist let me bring six pairs of eyeglasses home so Cheryl could pick for me. i’m not a good judge of “style”.

Since our son is spending the weekend preparing for first semester finals, i used this “free time” to do chores, plus:

  1. Draft outline for the contract the client verbally committed to a few days ago
  2. Chose a few workbook page samples to send via snail mail for client’s boss’s review
  3. Finalize rough draft for tomorrow’s meeting (different client) regarding the January keynote speeches

And on and on…




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