Life has five big choices

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The ripple effect helps or hurts – be constantly aware and be intentional.


Life has five big choices.

Balance isn’t about time, it’s about energy.

There are two non-negotiables called work and sleep…

  1. You’ll work 50 hours a week.
  2. You’ll sleep, ideally, 56 hours a week.

So the 168 hours you start with has 62 hours remaining.

Mind, body, spirit, work, home.

None of these will get anywhere near 50 hours each (work is the exception).

You must decide how to spend your time and energy.

Be strategic, be intentional, be focused, be disciplined.

For example, can you volunteer as a Family so that you feed your spirit, relationships, attitude, and personal organization?

Years ago i decided to never leave my Family in order to volunteer.

Work already kept us apart enough – hence, we only volunteer together.

Ten years ago i began a small business so i wouldn’t have to travel (be away) so much. Now i work from home.


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