Do we need a backup for our backup?

google drive
Yesterday i purchased a Google Drive 1T storage plan as a backup for my backup.


Do we need a backup for our backup?

Depends on how over-focused and intentional you want to be.

You can be sure that world-class companies like Disney and Apple have more than three layers of backup.


Because they believe there is never a good time to wish you had over-focused but didn’t.


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We see what we focus on

In the Mall window dressing at the clothing store, an antique industrial sewing machine. Can you spot the hidden Mickey quickly?


Disney Conference Speakers


Disney Conference Speakers


(photo: At the huge, upscale Mall with a million distractions on a Saturday night, immediately saw it without even trying.)

The team MLC is organizing will have many former Disney Cast Members. Why? Because they “get it”.

The team will also be diverse. Because it’s the Disney Way.

The team will also have impeccable morale values.


Because we see what we focus on.

An amazing future of contribution.

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