Dear doubt

    Dear doubt, Why you even cross my mind anymore is crazy. Crazier still, i think about you nearly every day. There must be something wrong with me.    •  •  •  •  • This website is about our HQ. To read today’s post on my MIND website, click here.  

Caught off guard and learning a lot about myself

  One door opens, another closes. Finding a project manager was a blessing. This opportunity produced a new website, some sales sheets, and some logo samples. Dear Son you will find that opportunity sometimes creates challenges, as surely as challenges often create opportunity. This is my first experience were opportunity has created a scenario that […]

Organize like you mean it: You fail if you don’t get really good at failing

    Trying a crazy idea on for size and discovering it’s too small or too big is a gift. Not trying is the quickest way to drive yourself insane. Plus, the more you fail, the less failure feels uncomfortable. Fail frequently. Fail better. Failure, the gift that keeps on giving. Thank goodness. Next Blog