Do you have a “not-to-do” list?

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Daily flossing isn’t something to not do.


Questions i ask myself…

Do you have a “not-to-do” list?


Would it be worth considering?

Oh wait, you don’t have time.

Ok, so there’s your first “not-to-do” item.

Stop using “i don’t have time” as something you lean on.


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New to do list item is to do less

This accidental photo yesterday is perfect for today’s post about a strong, lean foundation.


A new item has populated my to do list. It’s to do less. And do those (less) things differently. My one-word mantra for 2015 is ‘lean’. Here are some recent examples of trimming the overwhelm out of my life:

  • Trimmed 10k+ Twitter followers to seven. Easy to stay current.
  • Trimmed 1k Facebook Page ‘Likes’ to 200. Easier to stay current.
  • Recycling cables, cords, and devices that are no longer digitally relevant.
  • Stopped drinking coffee and diet coke. No longer feel compelled to have these.
  • Thinning clothes that i’ll never wear, even though they look ‘nice’.
  • Trimmed the snack food snacking. More trips to grocery store to keep fresh fruit handy.
  • Turned off Facebook and LinkedIn notifications on iPhone. Less distracting.
  • i end each day with zero emails in my inbox, sent folder, and trash folder.

Slow and steady wins the race, but only with focus and discipline. And commitment.

You’re in charge of all these things and more.

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Why i stopped using to-do lists

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Five minutes can seem like forever, or not nearly enough time.


Many of us live and die by our to-do lists. Used to be a poster child for that. Those days are history.

Why did i stopped using to-do lists?

If it doesn’t fit in my memory or on a post it note, it can wait. And if it can wait, odds are decent it doesn’t matter.

i also became much more self aware of my energy balance when i came to the realization life has five big, intuitive, choices.

  1. Mind – we think
  2. Body – we move
  3. Spirit – we feel
  4. Money – we work
  5. HQ – we dwell

Balance is always about focus, but it’s more about energy than time.

It’s simple, focusing on the time element is the wrong metric.

Focus on balancing your energy.

Simple doesn’t mean easy, but it does mean simple.

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One woman has written nearly 3,000 letters to people

A clear, concise, compelling life purpose is more valuable than winning the lottery.


Facebook feed yesterday about a woman who has written nearly 3,000 letters to people who wanted an encouraging word.

And to think there are 10,000 Mid Life Celebration posts.

Both numbers are ridiculously inspiring.

Go, do something great.

Even if it takes five, ten, 20 or 50 years.

Inspire and be inspired.

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