When Your Life Changes

Being disorganized makes us sad and confused

mercedes Benz Super Dome
that boy don’t look sad, nor confused


Being disorganized makes us sad and confused. And it does not make us hopeful.

Losing a good person to a tragic death, leaves us sad and confused also. And if handled well, can lead to hope.

That’s what we can pray for.

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I Am

Organized, Disorganized, Or Somewhere In Between

The key is to never tire of getting and staying decently organized.

Dear Son, I am decently organized. And I’m decently disorganized. And sometimes, I’m somewhere in between. We all are.

As you go through life, try to spend most of your time in the decently organized category. Dude, seriously, life will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t stay on top of this.

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